Security is very important when considering an electronic laboratory notebook, especially when the system contains your company's most prized, original, thoughts. Access in to any laboratory notebook should be restricted to ensure that only approved personnel are allowed to author new pages, witness completed documents or to search and browse completed pages. In NoteBookMaker®, the system administrator assigns each individual a unique library card. Each card contains vital information that is employee specific.
The Library Card will automatically index by 1 for each new user.
The Note Book ID shall be the name of the file at the directory level. The IT department should develop a scheme for easy directory identification.
The User Name is the "log in" name of the user who can either be an author or a witness during a session and is mandatory.
The Employee ID is typically assigned by the Librarian via human resources. It is an optional field but is recommended for completeness.
A Pass Word is mandatory and will to be used by the Security log for access control. It is a legal component of the user’s electronic signature. It does not have to be unique, but simply known by the Librarian and user. The user must be instructed not to share this information with anyone.
A User Picture can be imported by selecting "import picture" and selecting the picture file from the directory. The file should be no smaller than 200k (200 pixels x 200 pixels) and no larger than 1MB (800pixels x 600 pixels).
The Department is an optional field but is recommended to aid in data searches in the notebook. It can also be used to limit access to certain data.
Witness (Group Leader) is the name of the person who is the immediate supervisor of the user. The system can be custom tailored to only allow the declared Witness value to post a witness to a notebook page.
Issued By Name is the name of the Librarian or other IT authorized personnel. This is an optional field. Issued Date and Time are the date and time the card was created by the Librarian. These fields are auto-entered according to the computer system date and time. Make sure the date and time are correct in your computer system software control panel.
The Returned To is the name of the Librarian or other IT personnel that declares the card terminated. This is an optional field but should be used.
Returned Date and Return Time are the date and time the User permanently stops using the notebook. Typically, this date corresponds to a job change or termination of employment. This is an optional field but should be used.
Security Clearance is the level of access assigned to a user. The system can be custom tailored to: 1 = Author, 2= Witness, 3= Author/Witness, 4 = Witness by Author, 5 = Witness by Department, 6= Browse, 10 = Administrative. This can be very restrictive and must be customized for each laboratory settings. This information is evaluated and validated every time a researcher accesses their electronic laboratory notebook through the security log-on procedure. Upon each log-on attempt, whether successful or not, an audit trail is automatically generated. The IT department can review this record and monitor the system for unauthorized attempts to access NoteBookMaker®. Having this ability is essential to complying with the Part 11 section of the Code of Federal Regulation. Further more, the library card information is attached to each individual's record and is displayed in the footer if any legal commands are performed. I.e., page creation, page authoring or page witnessing.

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