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NoteBookMaker®, The Electronic Solution to the Historically Paper Based Laboratory Notebook System.
It is important to remember while implementing an electronic notebook to ensure an acceptable level of simplicity. If the electronic notebook is too complex or too different from a paper notebook, then it is unlikely to catch on with the scientific community.

NoteBookMaker® is extremely well suited for this task. NoteBookMaker® is a totally secure and completely electronic Laboratory Notebook that looks and prints like a typical 8 1/2" x 11" bound paper-based notebook. While maintaining the comfort level the scientist have become accustomed to, NoteBookMaker® encompasses all the benefits of an electronic, searchable laboratory notebook.
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NoteBookMaker®, depending upon the individuals job function, (Author, Witness, Browse Only, See The Library Card), the researcher can easily navigate to Create new pages, Witness other peoples work or simply Browse through the notebook.  s