NoteBookMaker is the first ELN to provide an onLine NoteBook that uses a full client.

At just $99/ year, we will host your notebooks. All you need to have is an internet connection.

The service includes:

Unlimited Records = Unlimited pages.
Unlimited NoteBooks so you can organize anyway you like.
100 GB of storage space provides plenty of space for images and attachments.
You get your own Librarian Control Panel to simply manage who can access and share your content.
Your data can be easily exported, printed and searched.

We handle all the maintenance including free upgrades, backups and archives. Our servers are state of the art and are on the backbone of the internet.
What you get is the fastest, most reliable access for any ELN..

I want to get started TODAY!
To sign up, send us your request for 1-999 users.

We will send you a connection link for your Mac or PC. It only takes minutes to get up and going.