The installation of NoteBookMaker 10.0 can occur in a single user version (no network required) or a multi-user (network required).

1. Single user version is the simplest case and only takes a minute. This will run on modern MS Windows® and Apple® OSX platforms. The installation can be on a hard drive or even a flash drive for true portability of your notebooks. With in a few clicks and less than a minute, your installation is complete and you will have a directory folder that looks like this.

Pasted Graphic

2. The network installation can takes less than 15 minutes and has a smart installer to guide you through the process. We also offer free technical support via phone and eMail to guarantee a clean install. In this scenario, FileMaker Pro clients are used instead of the NoteBookMaker Application. The network feature is provided by FileMaker® Server. The files are located on the server in a directory that is shown above. Yes, the same NoteBooks and Libraran files are used in both types of installations.

And yes, Macs and PC's can access the files simultaneously on a network in a mixed mode of PC and Mac clients to either a Mac server or a PC server.