Press Release for Immediate Distribution:  July 1, 2009.

NoteBookMaker® 10.0 is now available with SaaS deployment in the Amazon Cloud.

NoteBookMaker, LLC of Guilford, CT USA has released a major upgrade to its Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which now includes SaaS (Software as a Service) in the Amazon Cloud.  Now you can run NoteBookMaker on a PC, Mac, or Linux computer. NoteBookMaker® 10.0 can be deployed on a flash drive as a standalone application, on a LAN or over the web for easy browser access.  
The software replaces your traditional paper notebook with a modern system that protects your intellectual property and process. It even has a Virtual Librarian (VL) to take care of notebook administration.
NoteBookMaker® 10.0 - SQL can use any SQL back-end database such as mySQL®, Sybase®, Oracle® Microsoft® SQL Server, IBM®DB/2, OpenBase, and PostgreSQL.  The new SQL platform was engineered with Servoy®-Developer 4 which allows for new design features including the ability to attach up to 10 files to any notebook page, compression of data yielding blazing speeds in any browser and dynamic field sizing for page layout flexibility.  NoteBookMaker-SQL can operate as a standalone-runtime application, java client, and yes, in your browser with nothing to install.

NoteBookMaker® 10.0 - FileMaker® is positioned for laboratory and engineering workgroups of up to 250 users, while the SQL-Servoy-Java and Web clients are best suited for enterprise deployments where open standards and scalability demand SQL. Additionally,  Scientists and engineers will now find a new SaaS "Software as a Service" deployment.  The NoteBookMaker® SaaS Editon will provide universities a highly affordable way to get their students up on the same modern system that is used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  With all the features and deployment options, this is an excellent time for researchers to organize and protect their intellectual property and process with NoteBookMaker 10.0. While the FDA 21CFR Part 11 electronic signature rule and document authentication compliance has always been key, NoteBookMaker 10.0 brings much more than that. Features such as an auto building Table of Contents (TOC) to save time, a one record - one page construct just like paper, and  a Virtual Librarian so non IT professionals can manage the system; (we like no tech too).  The features you will love: • Integrate spreadsheets, graphics, sound, video & more, from virtually any application, • Unlimited NoteBooks to work the way you work, • Auto-building Table of Contents (TOC), • Fully searchable & printable, • Embed any file type, • 8 Terabyte file size for each notebook, • Built in Virtual Librarian & Audit Trail, • User friendly to minimize any IT support, • Single user to full network mode in minutes, • Author, Witness & Validator authentication, • Correction routines.
Priced at only $99/student/year, we are thrilled to get NoteBookMaker® SaaS in the labs of our future researchers. Commercial research subscriptions are as low as $149/researcher/year.  Other pricing options are available for both the SQL and FileMaker® Pro deployments. The choice is yours.  NoteBookMaker® 10.0 can be deployed as a standalone application, on a LAN or in the Cloud. 
Contact: Janet RizzoDirector of Sales & Marketing (678) 464-2437,
NoteBookMaker, LLC specializes in document control software for academia and industry where the main focus is protecting the legal status of intellectual property data and compliance with various quality systems and government regulations.  NoteBookMaker was first released in 1998 and is the world leader in virtual electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN's).
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